Texas Family Medicine Mission


We believe that our patients remain healthy and engaged in their lives when they partner with their physician and work together to solve medical problems and prevent illnesses.  This team approach involves shared decision-making and achieves excellent results for our patients.  We count it a privilege to be personal physicians for our patients and advocates for their health.

Texas Family Medicine Providers and Staff


Texas Family Medicine Values


We don’t get in a rush.  Our providers approach medical care with a "one-patient, one-visit at a time" methodology that includes shared decision-making with our patients and that maximizes the value of the care that is delivered.

Texas Family Medicine Values


Our providers utilize digital technologies to ensure each patient receives up to date diagnosis, treatment, and health maintenance: immunizations, cancer screenings, and all preventative care.

Texas Family Medicine Values


Each of our patients is treated by a physician or physician extender who has been trained in classical medicine.  Our decades of experience and continuing education within our board certifications ensure that your health remains in the most expert of hands.

Texas Family Medicine Values


Our providers work closely with local specialists who are known and trusted.

Texas Family Medicine Medical Practice
Texas Family Medicine- Our Practice


Our dedicated team of skilled providers and staff deliver exceptional care for you and your family.  Our providers are board-certified, trusted by their colleagues and patients, and engage in continuing medical education.  We are available 24/7/365 so that our patients have anytime access to their medical home.  

Texas Family Medicine Testimonial


Texas Family Medicine Testimonial

"I started seeing Dr. Byrd shortly after he began his practice. He has always treated me with respect and seeks answers when there is a medical issue.  He was also an excellent physician with my parents — very understanding and interested in the best care for them."  L.B.